Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What A Canned Hunt Means

When I had to choose an assignment to do for this class, I was baffled on what to do it on, because I seem to think that sometimes as powerful as statements are, there not strong enough to stop anything. I know for fact is that I'm an animal lover, besides cats, but still. The topic I decided to choose was "Canned Hunts". Canned Hunts are facilities that are enclosed with any types of animals that the hunter wants to hunt down. In rarity some of the animals can survive. However the people who own these farms and ranches train the animals to not be afraid of humans. Which entitles the animal to come out of hiding, and will be killed brutally on the spot.

The canned hunts are a cruel and cheap way of hunting because the hunter isn't really a hunter, in fact the hunter is a cheap skate for not wanting to actually spend money to travel. In a sense there not real hunters, just posers because they can't really hunt down the real animals that aren't trained to be around humans.
The fact of Canned Hunts though is they are becoming more and more popular ways of hunting. They want to be able to show off the head of a Lion or exotic bird to there friends so they could gain some power. These animals they hunt down are powerless to do anything. The way the facility works is "No hunt, No pay". If a hunter doesn't succeed, then the facility gets no money. Which in my opinion is a good thing because the animals are a rare breed of species, they aren't like humans, they will eventually all die out, and our future children won't be able to see lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Seriously, there will be nothing to gape at.
Another thing I want you to know is someone who is close to the President of the United States of America, in fact uses Canned Hunts. He is a great supporter of Hunting rare birds and pheasants. He does it often. His name is Vice President Dick Cheney:
Here's a pix of him if you want to see how happy he is about it.
Dick Cheney is very supportive of this sick and demeaning way of killing animals. In a sense I think he just likes the idea of a killing spree. Last time Cheney went hunting killed birds ranging from 400 birds to 450. Its a a cruel sport that is growing uncontrollably. here is a hyperlink to the full article if you want to read more about it:http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/news/2693558/detail.html
Of course I wanted to put a lot of information on Canned Hunting, but like me its hard to deal with people killing off animals like they are flies. I have a video hyperlink that will open your eyes to what Hunters see and how they feel. I'm not putting it on my blog because I don't want to watch it every time I read it, I haven't watched it yet though, and I'm not going to. But there are several videos available to watch. It show a Lioness with her cubs and the next video is showing the Lioness mother being killed while her baby cubs are witnessing the kill. Watch if you would like. I'm putting caution because its disturbing.
Out of the canned Hunts, I mostly seem to gear towards Lion's and rare creatures. I am because these animals are the ones that are hunted the most. They have no choices. they get the animals from captive breeding and even Zoo's. Zoo's! which I thought were the good guys in saving the animal population, but I guessed wrong. The animals deserve to live.
I hope I got through to some people, because I like knowing the fact that we have amazing lions and Tigers and Bears. All are my favorite animals. They deserve to live like we deserve to be on this Earth.
What are hunters going to do when all the animals in the world are distinct. Nothing left but humans. What if they start making a sick twisted game of hunting other humans? Doesn't it sound crazy? I think humans are capable of that. If they have the longing for it at least. Shift Happens.


Jimathy said...

hey that is a very good blog. I had know idea that people were killing beautiful animals like that. nice job, thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

JBlack said...

At first, I felt like you were just going off on Cheney, sort of in a cruel way. Then I followed your hyperlink to the canned hunt article. Wow...hadn't ever heard about these before. It was only a few weeks ago that a family friend mentioned they were headig down to a "turkey farm" where they would be let in to about 100 acres to test their skills. Now that I see this post, I think they were talking about a "canned hunt" situation, similar to the Cheney trip.

It was really hard for me to believe what you were saying about zoos...can you back this up with some credible hyperlinks?

You make a very interesting comment at the close of this post. What if people hunted humans in a canned hunt fashion. I believe there was a short story published several years ago called "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard O'Connel. It's powerful, and it makes the reader really understand what it feels like to be hunted just like an animal. Read it when you have the chance.

VCS said...

I never knew what a canned hunt was before, but I think it is sick. It is not right at all. You choose a great topic to do your blog on and it informed me with a lot of good information. Are exotic cats the most common canned hunt animals?

Joy Leftow said...

keep spreading the word - I appreciate your effort.